You are God. Spirit In The Sky is the best song ever. I love you. Brandi

We climbed an unfeasibly big mountain in Glencoe, Scotland last week and drank some whisky there. Does that mean we had “spirit in the sky?” Marti

(Norman’s Redrool) You should get together with Brandi.

Norman’s Personal Drool:
God Bless The “Lapsus-Linguae.”

At my Dad’s funeral and by his request, we played Spirit In The Sky. Part of the way through the song everyone stood up and sang along, (over 100 people), with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I think my Dad was smiling too. His name was Charles Parker Williams. As the Priest was about to start his speech, he looked at the audience and said: “That’s a pretty tuff act to follow.”    Victoria

“A large share of my fondness for your music lays in your storytelling and the characters within. I delight in using my girlfriends head as a cymbal on Japanese Silky. The wine helps and I don’t do it hard. She likes it.” (C.H.)

Your music is super unobscure. Cass

Is Norman Okay? The media said he passed away. I hope I’m wrong.  MK

I saw you on a Canadian T.V. program. The program was terrible, but you guys were great, a real 4 minute bright spot among dreary Nova Scotian coal miner backwater wannabes.  R.L

I have only pulled over to the side of the road 3 times while driving when a new song came on the radio that was so strong I couldn’t drive and hear at the same time. Maybelline, Dance To The Music & Spirit In The Sky.   Tom

“how I found you” from the submission form. “By typing in Normal Greenbaum.”  name withheld because of stupidity.

Happy Birthday, Norman. You share a birthday with Bo Derek, Richard Dawson, Duane Allman, Dick Smothers, Joe Walsh and Edwin Powell Hubble.  Jamie

I am a closet fan of Spirit In The Sky. L.X.

I work with a devout Christian who says Spirit In The Sky is just fluff. Can you clear this up?   Jim

(Norman’s Redrool) I thought I cleaned the lint filter.

I tell people I like your song, but I can’t listen to it in a dark room. Jimmy

My Dad said you were dead. Are you?  Jim
(Norman’s re-drool There are too many Jim fans.

I met a guy in a Texas bar who claimed you and him had the same wife. RM

(Norman’s Redrool) Never been to Utah.

I think you are the “bomb.” Go, Norman.  Mint

Greenbaum is the master of the universe. P.F.

Norman Fans’ Drool Norman rules.  J.J.

(Norman’s Redrool)I always wanted to hear that. Geez, it’s another Jim.

I love Spirit In The Sky. Yoshi

Is your brother Peter Green (Greenbaum) from Fleetwood Mac?  Wayne

I am a 25 year old college drop out with next to no money. Any brilliant ideas to ensure success?

(Norman’s Redrool) I thought Ensure was a vitamin drink for old college drop outs.

Hi again. I got an A+ on my school project about Spirit In The Sky, thanks to the additional background information you shared with me. Thanks so much.  Linsay

I’m 14 and when I’m not watching Malcolm In The Middle, I listen 2 Spirit, like 15 million times.  J.F.

What’s a Jew singing about Jesus for?   name withheld

(Norman’s Redrool) I felt weird singing about Malcolm In The Middle.

Was that you we spoke with in France?  Rod

(Norman’s Redrool) No, it was Robin Williams in the Cannes.

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