Norman Fans’ Drool By the way, all the hookers at the Chicken Ranch love your tune!

(Norman’s Redrool) The Chicken Ranch is a legal, licensed brothel located about 60 miles west of Las Vegas near the town of Pahrump…

Norman Fans’ Drool if you would have believed in what you sang about, your life would have been so much more!

(Norman’s Redrool) I dug a new well when the old one went dry…

Norman Fans’ Drool Your song has insoired me for years, I play it often.

(Norman’s Redrool) Is that French for “it gets me off?”

Norman Fans’ Drool Just read the NY Times article-just last week my best friend and I were wrapping presents- listening to CD’s I made god knows when .. your song came on-always makes us DANCE! The \”Egyptian\” dance goes well with the beat- envision two 40-something women in sweat suits embellished with glitter droppings, pieces of tape and wrapping paper, bowls on our heads (to approximate egyptian headresses) dancing to Spirit in The Sky! It made our day! Thanks again for great music and lyrics. I\’ve sang it while speeding recklessly in a convertible, fishing in a pond in a leaky canoe, while cooking, gardening, and even hummed it while in labor 17 years ago! Every time I hear it .. brings back memories! Thanks, Norman- your the BEST!

(Norman’s Redrool) Gliiter droppings are so much better than

Kitty Litter Cake.

Norman Fans’ Drool I for one am so glad that my grandchildren are able to hear your music. I loved you entire album when it first came out and am still a huge fan. I especially loved, “Mama, open up your shirt and give the little one a squirt” or something like that. They just don’t write ’em like that anymore!

(Norman’s Redrool) No they don’t. Wish it was my tune..

Norman Fans’ Drool I have your “American Pie” single, wrapped in a baggie and kept by my phonograph updated from my victrola!!

(Norman’s Redrool) I think you smoked what was in the other baggie. That was Don McLean..

Norman Fans’ Drool First time I heard the song, I swore it was the 5th Dimension.

(Norman’s Redrool) Were you into that baggie too?

Norman Fans’ Drool My former brother in law lived if San Francisco when you did.
He said you were a solid guy. Of course he was stoned a lot.

(Norman’s Redrool)  That makes 3 in a row.

Norman Fans’ Drool Norman, I love your song, but hate my job. My co-workers perpetually piss me off. Any advice before I go to lunch.

(Norman’s Redrool) No advice, but bring me back a corned beef on rye….

Norman Fans’ Drool Spirit In The Sky keeps getting cooler and cooler..

(Norman’s Redrool) It’s global warning..OOPS, warming…

Norman Fans’ Drool Norman is a Jew for awesome songs…VH1..I love the 70’s

(Norman’s Redrool) I love that show, but Mo Rocca was cruel…

Norman Fans’ Drool Do not ignore me please,
I found your email sobmewheare aand now decided to write you.
I am coming to yourb place in few weeks and thaought we
can meet each other. Let me know if you do not mind.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don’t reply to this email.
Ebmabil me direclty at zcy@………

(Norman’s Redrool) Basically, it’s Spam for a porn site from hell, BUT, I thoughtd I’ed tryye and masther the langoouage…

Norman Fans’ Drool Holy crap do I remember your Spiriy in the sky, My friend Charlie Billy; I believe thought he was you…

(Norman’s Redrool) I think that guy’s pot induced babble seeped into this E mail…I can’t seem to change my text color…Holy crap…

Norman Fans’ Drool i <3 norm

(Norman’s Redrool) Is this a heart or a sideways drawing of my butt?

Norman Fans’ Drool Best song ever written on Gods gren earth

(Norman’s Redrool)  At this point, I don’t know blew from gren…

Elephant sitting on the word "next."

Norman Fans’ Drool My friend says you died in Waco, Texas with the Branch Davidians. I told him you didn’t. Who is right?

(Norman’s Redrool)  Dead men don’t answer E mail, but do wear plaid…

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