Spirit In The Sky Fan Club

Spirit In The Sky Fan Club. Read letters from all over written to Norman Greenbaum. You may want to write on yourself!

Keith Hibbs and The Gulf Shores First Baptist Church performed a fine version of Spirit In The Sky for their service. Thanks, guys and gals for the banner.

Gulf Shores First Baptist Church, Spirit In The Sky Fans!

Hi…Happy Holidays! I just finished reading the New York Times article about you, and just wanted to thank you for such a joyous and happy memory.

The song STILL blows me away – it sounds as hot and fresh as the first day I heard it on top 40 radio (I’m 53).

I do have to say, the production always struck me as being absolutely, unbelievably, intensly,screamingly crystal clear- not heavy handed or canned-especially on AM radio, which I was barely listening to in 1969. I thought smuggly-“heres a song for the kiddies to appreciate REAL music on AM!! The quality of that song, in my mind was unparalleled at that time, and the more I hear it , the more I appreciate EVERYTHING about it.

Thank you for wherever the inspiration came from and the vision to get it down so it will always be cherished!


Happy Holidays! Just read the NYTimes article-just last week my best friend and I were wrapping presents- listening to CD’s I made god knows when .. your song came on-always makes us DANCE! The “Egyptian” dance goes well with the beat- envision two 40-something women in sweat suits embellished with glitter droppings, pieces of tape and wrapping paper, bowls on our heads (to approximate egyptian headresses)dancing to Spirit in The Sky! It made our day! Thanks again for great music and lyrics.

I’ve sang it while speeding recklessly in a convertible, fishing in a pond in a leaky canoe, while cooking, gardening, and even hummed it while in labor 17 years ago! Everytime I hear it-brings back memories! Thanks, Norman- you’re the BEST!


Radio Show Tribute Dance! Two men in brightly patterned shirts holding maracas and another instrument while dancing.


Just wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired us! You are seriously the glue that holds our radio show together in the mornings. We put up a picture of us doing our tribute dance, which we do every morning around 5, on our website.

I was at American Bandstand when you performed your great song. Dick Clark had a sore throat, so he had me read the introduction. This has always been a fond memory and I still love your song today.             

Thanks for all the great memories. 

There was a music store in my city that had headphones and booths to listen to music and I listened to Spirit In The Sky every day, multiple times. I first bought the 45 and wore it out listening to it over and over. Spirit In The Sky has been one of my favorite songs of all time.

Norman Greenbaum is a brilliant artist/writer. I have it in writing to play Spirit at my funeral. 


I want to thank you for “the music” and the “Spirit In The Sky”. Your song was the theme and the inspiration behind our combat operations in the Middle East. You were, honestly, with us everywhere we were deployed. I want to thank you for your time and your music. You’re “the man”. Rangers lead the way!!!  

Ssgt. D. Lambert

White paper with the words, "We Love Spirit In The Sky. Signed by a primary school class in England.

Hi Norman, I am a primary school teacher in Stockton on Tees England. I teach a class of 7 to 11 year old children in a small village school. More often than not, when they all come in off the yard after lunch break, they are usually very hyper!

To help settle them down to their work, I have tried playing background music such as Mozart but it had no effect!

Recently I have tried more modern music from the 60s and 70s but still no effect! That was until I played them your song, Spirit in the sky! Wow, it’s amazing the settling effect it has on them! They automatically quiet down without me raising my voice and usually remain settled long after the song has finished.

Consequently, my question is has anyone else found this with your brilliant song and if so do you know the reason for its calming effects?

Thanks ever so much

Barry Cotterill.

My son is in 7th grade band. He has asked his teacher if they can play Spirit In The Sky at the year end concert instead of the lame stuff they usually play. Since his teacher knows good music when he hears it and thinks the kids can play it without slaughtering it, he said yes if he could get the music. Can you help? 


Thank you so much for the music. I wasn’t expecting it. Now my daughter has asked me to tell you that she got an A on her music appreciation presentation at the high school. Another generation listening to your music. Thanks so much.  


Hi. This is Christopher and Brett. We are twin 8 year olds, and we love your music. We first heard the song “Spirit in the Sky” on the movie “The Sandlot 2” and then again on “Longest Yard 2”. We fell in love with it, and our mom found this web site for us. We just wanted you to know that we really enjoy your song very much. bye for now.

From Mike

Twin 8 year olds created this artwork for Norman. It says "You= Rockstar." There is also a scale of cool from one to ten with the ten circled.

Dear Norman,

I have had many birthdays in this life and all of them have been celebrated in royal fashion by me and my large family of relatives and friends. Some of them have even come with wonderful surprises. Not one of them, however, has been accompanied by a gift such as the one you and my sister-in-law, Judy, conspired to arrange for me this year. I am thrilled that Judy let you know what a huge part you and your song “Spirit In The Sky” has played in our lives.

On behalf of my husband, Terry, myself and our daughters Megan and Quinn; and son-in-law Patrick, I thank you for having profound insight and recording your song.

Our families have, for centuries, had strong connections with the heavens and the spirits that reside there. In this life, I have tried to communicate to those less familiar with the divine, how powerful the connection is and will be with our loved ones who have crossed over. Through you song, and as a result of it being played so often here, others are automatically tuned into this connection. I am happy to report that most think of Terry and comment to us how often they hear the song and think of him. In addition to my thinking of Terry, I also pause to reflect on just how many spirits we know in the big sky. Simultaneously, I think of you having written the song that captured our attention and hearts.

You will be pleased to know, that when we requested the band learn your song as a tribute to Terry (at Megan & Patrick’s wedding), they did a brilliant job in playing it for us. The entire wedding group was up on their feet dancing! When the videographer, however, filmed us at that moment and edited it for our “movie” he played your song in its original format!!

Thank you for giving us a treasured and very personal gift. Judy has framed your note, along with a photo of you and your signature decal, and I have it in a special place in the home. My thoughts are focused on Terry, the gifts he brought to our life, and now you and the gifts you shared with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Gail McCreary

Norm: I am OF the firm belief that artists (like yourself) who write a song like Spirit in the Sky have “NO” idea how they impact history. You are an American musical icon-really. You night not believe it but, by virtue of your song,you are! Regards,

Rick Hoag-Twain Hart Ca.
Ps I’m older than you! LOL


My wife and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Spirit in the Sky. It is such a wonderful song, and one she and I have loved for years and years. We listened to it as high school sweethearts in the late 70’s/early 80’s and still love it today. It is a masterpiece of a song in both music and content. Again, thank you. We wish you all the best of God’s blessings and hope to hear from you.


William & Christy Hale

Hi Norman.

Nice to find your site. Just want to register my pleasure, and thanks for leaving the world with such a great legendary hit in \’Spirit in the Sky\’.
So simple, yet so original and inovative it must feel great to be responsible for that one evergreen song that we will all remember through generations to come,(and also that we wish we had written).
I am a 50 year old bass player who is making a little comeback after a 15 year lay-off, and this song is on my \’must perform\’ list. Cheers to you my friend !!

Peter (in UK)

Your website must be the craziest fun website I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll pass the address to my friends!

Thanks for the laughs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have you made the Simpsons yet?

Cheers Geoff



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