Norman Fans’ Drool Your song gives me goosebumps.

(Norman’s Redrool) And nice ones they are. 

Just wondering if you are still in the goat cheese business?

(Norman’s Redrool)

Yellow swearing face.

Norman Fans’ Drool I can’t get the DJ at our local dances to play your song more than once.

(Norman’s Redrool) It’s called a bribe!!! 

Fist of dollars.

Norman Fans’ Drool I chose Spirit In The Sky as my protest song for a school project. I was wondering what it was protesting?

(Norman’s Redrool)

Norman Fans’ Drool You are, without a doubt, the most awesome songwriter & singer of all time.

(Norman’s Redrool) Thank you. 

Cartoon Roadrunner.

Norman Fans’ Drool For a guy who writes a lot of songs, you sure are a man of few words.

(Norman’s Redrool) I answered your E mail, what do you want, a book? 

Yellow reading face.

Norman Fans’ Drool I have a 7 inch copy of Spirit In The Sky.

(Norman’s Redrool)

Hear no evil monkey.

Norman Fans’ Drool I’m a drummer and my band wants me to play Sitar because I would look good with it. Can you figure that out?

(Norman’s Redrool) I called Dr. Phil and here is his advice. 

Mocking face,

Norman Fans’ Drool So, Norm, what are you wearing?

(Norman’s Redrool)

Dancing chili pepper.

Norman Fans’ Drool Who sings Spirit In The Sky?

Upside-down photo of Norman.

(Norman’s Redrool) This might be the stupidest question of all time, so, would you please stand on your head… 

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