You give me goosebumps.   K.C.

(Norman’s Redrool) 
When can we meet?

Did you write Spirit In The Sky?  BK

(Norman’s Redrool) That’s what they tell me.

I play your song every day in my car. I want it played at my funeral. And I have it tattooed on my arm. Spirit in the Sky is the greatest song of all time. Ray

(Norman’s Redrool) Thanks. How cool.

Dude, I just won 5 bucks on a bet that you wrote Spirit in the Sky and doubled it when I bet your weren’t Christian. At $10 a pop, I may have found the key to unlimited wealth. You are now my favorite trivia personality. Kevin

I thought you were a babe 34 years ago and you still are. Rebecca

(Norman’s Redrool) AT LAST!!! EGO MAIL.

Oh, Man, The Eggplant That Ate Chicago, that was you? My cub scout troop performed that song on stage wearing mops as wigs and strumming tennis rackets…Petey

(Norman’s Redrool) And I thought I was nuts.

“I can’t say I grew up with your song, but I am growing old with it.”    Carol

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