Norman Fans’ Drool I recently heard an interview of you. I was appalled. You had no presence whatsoever and you seemed difficult to talk to…

(Norman’s Redrool)  Maybe I am dead … 


Norman Fans’ Drool Norman, your song just sends me into some place indefinable…

(Norman’s Redrool) Well, if you ever figure it out, let me know because I want to go there…

Norman Fans’ Drool * Hi Norm,
I love Spirit in the Sky and I love your site. There’s just one thing. I was looking at your pictures and there is one of you sitting in a chair and it is titled “Norm’s Throne”. I just feel like I need to say that your throne doesn’t look too comfortable Norm! That’s an awfully straight chair. Maybe you should look into more of a “Lazy Boy” kind of chair. love

Norman sitting on his throne.

(Norman’s Redrool) At least she didn’t make fun of my pants…

Norman Fans’ Drool Dear Norman, I love your song. Do you have a goat fetish?

(Norman’s Redrool) Like, that’s not cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

a goat

Norman Fans’ Drool Call out Gouranga be happy!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga…
That which brings the highest happiness

(Norman’s Redrool)  ..sounds like a melon…pairs well with prosciutto, but really, this is why I skip reading E mails for days…

Norman Fans’ Drool I pray you believe your own song. By reading your comments, it seems like you are in bondage to sin…..

Norman Fans’ Drool I have loved Spirit In The Sky since I was in diapers.

(Norman’s Redrool) Well, Huggies to you too!!!!!

Norman Fans’ Drool Good Service

(Norman’s Redrool) Are you mixing me up with A1 Rooter & Plumbing?

Norman Fans’ Drool Everytime I hear your song, I can smell the ocean.

(Norman’s Redrool) Better the ocean than the A1 Rooter guy…

Norman Fans’ Drool Your song has been covered more times than Zsa Zsa Gabor….

(Norman’s Redrool) And look where it got her…

Zsa Zsa Gabor booking photo.

Norman Fans’ Drool I thought Canned Ham was a rocking great tune although most people didn’t get that passionate about it. Maybe you should have called it “I Wanna Hold Your Ham”..

(Norman’s Redrool) Read the next four!!!

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