Norman Fans’ Drool hinorman im a big fan of sprite in the sky.that song really rocks. ithasalot of meaning to it, what made you write thatsong.that song sicksin my head andi sing it to my self almost everyday, well take care

(Norman’s Redrool) Love those typos..I had to look in the mirror to see if I had a hino, then ponder a soda can in great beyond and then feel sorry for the poor typist, as my song makes him sick in the head. Too cool!!!!

Norman Fans’ Drool Thank you! Your website is great – your comments are even better. All silliness (on my part) aside, it’s an honor to get an e-mail from you. You’re an icon – and, from what I can tell, a very nice guy. What an astounding combination.

(Norman’s Redrool) 

Oliver with Norman Bobblehead


Animated hi!

Norman Fans’ Drool Hi Norman,
Just wanted to let you know that my mothers’ nickname was Bubbles, so when we laid her to rest yesterday, we all blew bubbles as we listen and danced to ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Thought I would get some grief from the 80 year old women, but they danced the most and said they wanted that song at their burial. Thanks so much for a great song and making everyone walk away with a smile on their face.

(Norman’s Redrool) I waited a long time to put up a good one. This is a good one.

Norman Fans’ Drool

Mr. Greenbaum,

Okay. I give. Your site makes it too hard for me to go on blaming the hippies for ruining the universe.


Now I have to focus on used car salesmen…

Your site rocks…


(Norman’s Redrool) I think this person is related to Bill (Tuna) Parcells

Norman Fans’ Drool my mate duncan thinks you may be a kiwi from NZ. Are Ya !!

(Norman’s Redrool) No, I’m an Eggplant from Chicago.

Norman Fans’ Drool Almost
got my first speeding ticket listening to it on my
car radio around 1970 on HWY 99 near Bakersfield, the
cop understood…let me off with a warning…too cool.

(Norman’s Redrool) Insert cake pun of choice.

Norman Fans’ Drool ILOVE THE SONE and went on line. I will have played at my furnualLOL

(Norman’s Redrool) I think he meant “scone” because he’s a friend of Cake from Bakersfield.

Norman Fans’ Drool I know since ive been an adult osme shits been the
same but ive learned some stuff too. life lessons and
whatnot… im kinda figurng your pretty wise. so
what do i need to know? i now you arent a god or
anyting but , you seem like a decent person what
does one do with their lives to stay happy? i
guess maybe i godda find that out on my own?

(Norman’s Redrool) I don’t know, but I figurng I am definitely going to use “osme shits” in all my correspondence to godda in daveeda.

Norman Fans’ Drool A man that I work with said he was watching a show called ” Where are they now ” which reported that you were in some kind of coma after falling down . Scince you just wrote to me , this must be false information.

(Norman’s Redrool) Scince when?

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