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In the following compilation of CDs, you will find all of Norman's hits, including "Spirit In The Sky", "Canned Ham", "California Earthquake", "The Eggplant That Ate Chicago", and "Petaluma". Also included are the previously unreleased: "Eleanor Rigby" (in kazoo), "Euphoria", "The Circus Left Town Today" and "Little White Pills", with a special recording of the underground gem, "Chocolate Milk", "Save Me For A Rainy Day", "The Day They Sold Beer In Church (Everybody Came to Pray and the first acoustic demo of Spirit In the Sky)".

From acoustic to country to various styles of rock, there's lots of Norman's material that will appeal to the vast cross-section of "Musical America".

Click below to see lists of song titles, hear sound clips or order CDs.

Original Spirit In The Sky CD

Song Titles and Clips

The Best of Norman Greenbaum CD

The Norman Greenbaum Anthology CD

Spirit In The Sky - The Best Of Norman Greenbaum Import CD

Petaluma CD

Euphoria! The Best of Dr. West's Medicine Show & Junk Band CD


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